Mock Interview - Don't leave your interview to a chance.

When we accept a job offer, we commit our future to the company and role for one or many years to come. Before committing our valuable time, we should strive to find the job we love and get the offer we deserve. Therefore, it is extremely important to give our best shot in an interview which is key step before you land an offer. Mock interview(s) prepares you to sell yourself in that one hour and significantly increases your chances of an offer. Let’s understand how our coaches can help you ace your real interview

Why mock interview is a must have?

The job offer should NOT be a surprise.

  • We believe that a job offer should make you happy and not surprise you. Why? Because you practiced it enough to deserve it. 
  • Everyone loves strong candidates and are willing to go extra mile during negotiation for salary or perks. For strong candidates, the job offer is never a surprise.

You can learn and master the interviewing skill.

  • We talked to numerous industry experts and HR leaders. All said same thing – You can learn and master your interview. Mentor Me Good is here to achieve just that. 
  • Interview should be a wonderful discussion between employer and candidate and not a one way street. You can answer questions and ask questions only if you are prepared.

How do we deliver results using a mock interview?

Learn and practice with coaches who are experts in the roles.

  • Our team of coaches are actual product managers, engineers, data scientists at major tech companies and amazing startups who have conducted 100s of interviews.
  • Our coaches are carefully selected and we raise the bar with every new coach added to our platform. 

Master the interview specific to the company of interest.

  • When you book a “Mock interview” session, you will be asked about 2-3 companies and role you are aiming for. 
  • Our mock interview help you learn what type of questions to expect, how to articulate your answers in the most effective manner that exceeds the hiring bar of the company.

Only right practice makes it perfect.

  • Our coaches provide you with detailed and actionable feedback on the interview. With feedback from experts, you can be rest assured of right practice and make your interview perfect.
  • They provide you with areas of improvement and resources where you can practice the right way and gain confidence.

What is covered in a mock interview?

Our mock interview is a NOT a coffee chat. 

  • We take mock interviews very seriously. They last for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes for oral feedback and a written analysis post meeting. 
  • We cover both behavioral and company specific questions. We don’t settle for less, we challenge you to raise the bar.

Deliver results through company and role specific tips and feedback. 

  • Our coaches are trained to provide detailed feedback that is personalized to you and the company you are interviewing for.
  • We are currently offering mock interviews for Product Managers and Data Scientists.