Mentor Me Good - Launch Announcement

21st April, 2021

Get 1:1 coaching and bootcamps at half the industry price along with money back guarantee on select services. You will be mentored by handpicked experts working in top tech companies to land you your dream job.

We are beyond thrilled to announce the launch of Mentor Me Good. It’s not every day that you change jobs but when you do, you want to do it right. Mentor Me Good offers 1:1 coaching and bootcamps at half the industry price along with money back guarantee on select services. You will be mentored by handpicked experts working in top tech companies to land you your dream job.

Whether you are deciding the role and creating a learning plan, building your resume or already have interviews lined up, we are excited to help you excel with our 4 services – Career Strategy, Resume Review, Upskill and Mock Interviews. Additionally, for people at interviewing stage, we have ‘3 weeks Get the offer bootcamp’ that includes 8 hours of coaching and mock interviews. By combining the core mentorship with written evaluation, internal referrals and 6 months job search support we work towards adding certainty to your offer.

If you are a working professional or a recent graduate who is passionate to solve hard customer problems at the top tech companies as a Product Manager, Data Scientist, Software Engineer or Manager, check us out at

We launched in beta mode in January 2021 for Product Management role. With singular focus on candidate’s career, we grew organically to complete 10 resume reviews, 30 mock interviews, 2 Upskills and 8 Career consultations. In the span of 3 months, our customers got offers for Senior PM roles in Walmart, Amazon and a startup, check out our reviews here.

We grew to 18 premium coaches on the platform covering major time zones. Our coaches have collectively mentored 750 plus people and have conducted 2100 plus interviews in their careers. They have worked or currently work at Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tik Tok, Intuit, Paypal, LinkedIn, SpaceX, Razorpay, Atlassian, Uber and more. We are extremely thankful to these wonderful coaches who love mentoring and put candidate interest first for every single session to deliver results. Super stoked to have these amazing founding coaches join us in our mission. 

We are not here for coffee chat; we believe in delivering results and we are just getting started. 

It’s time for you to land your dream job. Period.


Our Services

Career Strategy

Career questions such as “Is this role a right for me?” or “How do I transition to my desired role” are either not addressed or become a 2 minutes casual conversation. At Mentor Me Good, we believe, these questions should not be left to chance. We tackle this head-on through our 60 minutes Career Strategy call where our coaches provide real insights on roles and companies along with concrete next steps on the job application that work.

Resume Review

“I applied but not getting interview calls” is a major pain point that keeps us on our toes. A great resume is your foot in the door and we believe we can get you there by deeply understanding your accomplishments, failures, and motivations. That is why our Resume Review meeting starts with deep diving into each bullet point, understanding the whole picture and in the process, we help you get to your finalized resume and 2 resume stories to help for your interview. We don’t stop here, with our resume review service, you get internal referrals as available and 6 months job search support.


“I am not from a top-tier college. Do I have a chance?” Yes, you do. Ultimately, hiring managers want to hire folks who can get the job done and once you have an interview call what matters is whether you can demonstrate your skills and fit the company’s culture or not.  Our coaches are all ears and obsessed to learn about you during Resume Review and Mock Interviews. In the process, they assess your strengths and areas of improvement and create a learning plan. Our coaches work with you to improve specific skills in Upskill sessions designed to hone your skills.

Mock Interview

“I have an interview call. Help me get that offer”. Look no further. Our Mock Interviews is the most popular service. We simulate real interviews done by coaches who work or worked in those companies. We provide detailed written evaluations along with feedback and tips. On top of this, we also share your assessment with hiring managers of top companies and startups if your mock interview rating is 4 or above. You can book standalone sessions or go for ‘3 weeks Get the offer bootcamp’ that includes four 1 sessions with coaches, focused on Product Sense, Strategy, Analytical and Behavioral questions, four homework assignments to master the frameworks, and four Mock Interviews with experts with written evaluations.