Coach FAQs

All the schedules for the coaches are converted from their local time to CST (Chicago, USA) time zone and displayed in the Coach Dashboard. The system supports ONLY ONE TIME ZONE, CST for coach schedule. We will update once the schedule set up in other time zones is available.

When a customer creates a booking with you, you will receive an Appointment request email with Pending status. You need to login to your coach account and either approve or cancel the meeting. Once you approve, you will receive Appointment Approved email. You can see your upcoming appointments in coach dashboard accessible under coach panel menu once you login. You can also view appointment details such as Zoom url and customer inputs for each of your appointment

You can check/uncheck the services by going to settings page from the coach dashboard. You can alternatively send an email to [email protected]

You can update your availability on “My Availability” page accessible under Coach Panel > Coach Dashboard menu. Note that the time is in EST.
You can also set Holidays & Days off. 

While booking the appointment, a customer shares coaching requirements such as target role, company, career challenges, resume etc. You are required to review these inputs and resume (if shared) in advance of your meeting to provide a great coaching experience.

Refer to the coaching guidelines (also accessible through coach panel) for details on what specifically needs to be done as it is service dependent.

To facilitate audio/video meetings between coach and customer, Mentor Me Good has integrated with Zoom API. We have a Mentor Me Good Zoom account ([email protected]) with an ‘admin’ role and accounts of all the coaches are added with the ‘member’ role to this account. This enables us to 1) automatically create a Zoom meeting link for the host (coach) and attendee (customer) when someone books an appointment 2) have concurrent meetings as each coach has its member account with host privileges.

For the above, we require coaches to follow the below steps:

  1. Have a Zoom account and provide an email id associated with it during sign up.
  2. Approve role conversion of their existing Zzoom account from ‘owner’ to ‘member’ so that they can be added to Mentor Me Good Zoom admin account. You will receive an email with the subject as “Zoom account invitation” saying that Mentor Me Good has requested to add you to their Zoom account.

Note that converting an account from owner to member has no impact on the other ways that you may be using your zoom account as long as it’s an individual account. Mentor Me Good admin will have visibility into meeting details (date, id, etc.) that went through our platform and not any other past or future meetings you have with your zoom account. This is the standard process from Zoom. You can see more details on adding users to another account on Zooms support page here- Adding existing users to a paid account – Zoom Help Center

If at anytime in future you want to pause or discontinue as a coach, you can easily unassociate your zoom account from our admin account- How to Unassociate a Member Account and Convert to an Individual Account – Zoom Help Center

We strongly recommend to turn on your video to provide a more connected coaching experience to your customer (attendee).

Meetings are automatically recorded and stored in Zoom cloud and used for training and quality purposes only. However, if anytime customer is uncomfortable to record a session, coach can disable recording.

Yes, you need to submit Session feedback form accessible from “Coaching Guidelines” page within 24 hours of appointment end time. The feedback forms are specific to the type of service (in some cases job role)Depending on your interaction with your mentee, you may also include follow up materials such as blog links/book recommendations in the form.

We have coaching guidelines available for each type of service on “Coaching Guidelines” page accessible from the coach panel that contains do’ and don’ts that you are required to follow for successful coaching sessions. 

Ratings are assigned to you by the customer after your first coaching session and thereafter as you do more coaching sessions, rating gets updated. The rating displayed is the avg. rating provided by the customers who had coaching sessions with you.

When you start on the platform, standard price per service is applied and you will receive 60% of that price for the first 3 sessions. Thereafter smart rate will apply based on your ratings which can increase your total compensation up to 75% of the price paid by customer for the service.

You will be paid within 24 hours of your session provided you have completed the feedback form. If you did not receive the payment or see any discrepancy, email us at [email protected] with subject starting with ‘Payment’

If the customer has not joined the session for 10 minutes, report ‘No show’ by sending an email at [email protected] with a subject line starting with ‘No show. You will be paid for the session.

We stored the payment details that you provided during onboarding as part of your record. If you want to update it, email us at [email protected]

If you cannot make it to your next appointment, please let us know by sending an email at [email protected]. We request you to do so at least 24 hours in advance so that the customer has enough time to reschedule or schedule time with another coach. 

If your mentee has not joined the session for 10 minutes, report ‘No show’ by sending email at [email protected] with subject line starting with ‘No show’. You will be paid for the session. 

If the customer is late upto 10 minutes, you are required to take the session till the original end time. It is upto your convenience to extend it.

If the customer does not show up 10 mins into the session, we treat them as ‘no show’. Send an email to us at [email protected]. You will still be paid for the session

You can update your info by going to settings page from the coach dashboard under coach panel.

Sharing your personal contact information with candidate for any follow up is your choice. Mentor Me Good does not require you to do the same. We request you to do all your coaching sessions on Mentor Me Good platform to preserve candidate experience.

Yes, you can. You can either request them to book a paid session through Mentor Me Good or share a code to offer the session for FREE. As a coach, you receive coupon code when you join the platform that you can share with 10 people who want to connect with you for free on Mentor Me Good. This way you don’t have to worry about scheduling logistics and you will have all your mentoring bookings in one place. 

Please note that since you chose to make the session is FREE by sharing coupon code, as a coach you will NOT be paid for the session.

You can see customers’ comments as part of the appointment details in the coach dashboard (Right panel). You will get the resume over email after you accept the appointment booking.

If you have mentored someone in the past on your personal time, you can highlight their ratings in your Mentor Me Good profile. You can request them to submit a review on your profile page, we will validate such reviews with you once a month and publish.