Sample resume for Product Manager

Here is my resume when I was accepted for the Sr Product Manager position at Amazon. You can use as an example to get started. 

Sample Product Manager Resume

Here are some things you should consider highlighting for Product Management resume. You may not have done everything in this list so use this to map it to your current experience to bring out the PM elements in your resume

  1. User research– Have you conducted user research (surveys, focus groups, interviews etc.) to get learn about customer pain points? Have you used it to get insights to inform product decisions?
  2. Metrics– What metrics did you improve on when working in your current job or side projects? Have you defined custom metrics to measure success of your feature? Did you change existing process to drive metrics?
  3. Data driven decisions– Did you use implicit and explicit customer data to assess size of customer problem or next opportunity? Did you do root cause analysis based on customer data? Have you use SQL (or any tool) to pull insights ? What did you measure to validate your ideas?
  4. Product artifacts– Did you create product roadmap, 3 year plans, launch plan, BRDs, Press releases?
  5. Product /features launches– As a PM, nothing is more tangible that shipping a product. Have you launched a product? Do you have experience in 0-1 product or scaling existing products?
  6. Market research– Have you conducted market research or competitive benchmarking? Do you know how to arrive at potential market size?
  7. Design– Have you done any concepts/wireframes ? Did design change that you led bring about any product improvement?
  8. Software experience– Have you worked with engineering to build products? Did you influence your tech team to make tech design trade offs by advocating for customer needs? 

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