STAR Story Review

A 10 days 1:1 offline coaching plan to take guesswork out and shine in your behavioral interviews

Create a rock solid STAR story bank through this unique 1:1 offline coaching. Your coach will work with you to-

  1. highlight gaps to make your story  powerful
  2. add probing questions inline to add depth to your story
  3. add 7-10 follow up questions to deep dive into your story
  4. provide specific recommendations to ensure your stories  demonstrates key skills required for the role
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2 STAR stories


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6 STAR stories


Who reviews your stories?

Primary Coach

Shambhavi Pandey

Founder, Mentor Me Good, Ex Senior Product Manager-Tech, Amazon USA

Shambhavi has worked in the tech industry for 8+ years in product management roles in US and India. She has led teams to build innovative products, solve customer pain points and deliver delightful experiences at Amazon, Groupon, The Home Depot. She is a is Carnegie Mellon alumni and an impassioned advocate of empowering women in tech

Secondary Coach (One of the experts)

Akshay Goel

Product Lead, Google, USA

Vineet Gandhi

Principal Product Manager, Atlassian | Ex Principal PM Amazon

Geetika Mehta

Sr. Product Manager, Amazon USA

Viraj Gholap

Sr. Product Manager - Tech, Amazon USA, Ex Management Consultant KPMG

How it works?

Get access to example stories, Google drive and slack group with coaches

Finalize the two or six questions that you want to prepare

Day 1

Write your stories in TWO days  in the shared Google doc and update on slack group on day 3

Day 3

Coach will share your first round of review along with follow up questions in the Google doc within 2 days of submission.

Day 5

Update your stories based on the feedback and add responses to follow up questions

Day 8

The coach will complete the second round of offline review in 2 days. You are set with your STAR stories for the interview!

Day 10

Our Star Story Review Testimonials

Vaibhav Bijola
Vaibhav Bijola
Student, Texax A&M University
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Taking consultation from Shambhavi really helped me a lot. She made sure that every point in my resume was projecting a clear and concise message to anyone who reads it. I was able to gain a lot from her experiences as she is very articulate in the way she tells things. Strongly recommend taking consultations from her. Services - Resume review and STAR story
Avinash Palukuri
Product Manager, Barclays
Read More
It was great interacting with Viraj. He tried to understand my background & aspirations and provided insightful suggestions. The mock interview was very structured and it helped me understand my strengths and areas of improvement. He provided personalized suggestion on how can I structure my past experiences and create a story around various points in my resume. Highly recommend Viraj and mentor me good platform.
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh
Student, Boston University
Read More
Very insightful and super helpful feedback that helped to improve the content and structure of my responses. Highly recommended if you are interviewing for Product Manager roles at any company. My mentor was kind enough to give me extra time and attention and refer me to other companies that had great opportunities. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Star Story Review is an offline service offered to candidates who are interested in building solid stories of their work experience, master organization and communication. The service aims to finish two offline reviews of your STAR stories in 10 days provided the candidate sticks with the schedule. It takes about 3-5 hours to write one good STAR story, so please plan your bandwidth accordingly.

Please email your resume to [email protected] post booking.

General FAQ

Our coaches work or have worked in top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and fast growing start ups. They are passionate individuals who have excelled in their roles and love to share their knowledge and inspire future leaders. Having worked in top tech companies, they know the end to end of interview process right from resume screening to final offer. They provide hands on mentorship to help people land their dream jobs.

Your coaching is personalized to you based on your background, type of service (Career strategy, Resume Review, Upskill or Mock interview) you select and the inputs you provide at the time of booking. Your coach may reach out to you for further information before your session to get aligned on the expectations. Depending on the type of service, you will receive follow up materials from the coach post meeting. See below service specific FAQs for details.

Start with your goals and then map them to coach attributes to figure out the right coach for you. For example, if your goal is to get a Google Data Scientist offer, see if you can find a coach who is currently in that role or was in that role. If you are looking to transition from consulting to product management, see if a coach has already taken that journey. You can also look at coach specific ratings and reviews listed in the coach detail page. Ratings are assigned to the coaches after they finish their first coaching session. The rating displayed is the avg. rating provided by the mentees who had coaching sessions with the coach.

Yes we have great selection of coaches in all time zones.

Our coaches want you to succeed and provide detailed feedback which needs time and effort and needs to be fairly compensated. Think about it this way. 3 mock interviews targeted at specific company, can land you your dream job which is much higher compensation. This is an incredibly high return on investment in your career 🙂

You can create you account for free by registering on the site but you don’t need to have an account in order to book an appointment. If you already have a Mentor Me Good account, go to the My Appointments menu option from the header and login to see your past and upcoming appointments.

If you forgot the password, use forgot password link in Login page

If you have any trouble logging to your existing account, Reach out to us at [email protected] with subject line starting with ‘Not able to Login’

You need to book an appointment at least 48 hours in advance from coach’s availability. Go to the coaching page to explore all coaches, select a coach, click Book session, check out their availability, provide your details, make the payment and complete the booking. If you need coaching session sooner, check out below FAQ.

If you need to book a coaching session within 48 hours (say you have an interview coming up), email us at [email protected] with subject line ‘Need Coaching Now’ and we will work with our available coaches to schedule the session. We charge a rush booking fee of $10.

While booking the appointment, you will be asked to answer some mandatory questions so that we better understand your pan points and personalize the session according to that. In addition to mandatory questions, you may submit comments to specify your expectations from the session.

When you create a booking, you will receive an Appointment Pending email . Once the coach accepts the booking, you will receive Appointment Approved email which has Zoom meeting link. Alternatively, you will find Zoom meeting link in Customer Dashboard menu option in the header.

We will send you email post the meeting to rate the coach. 

No. Per company policy, we do not share any audio or video recording of live sessions (1:1 or cohort) or mock interviews. We work with the coach to get written feedback and share it with the candidate post mock interview. 

We believe everyone’s time is valuable and appointment must start and finish on time. Please check below specific scenarios. 

You can cancel your session 24 hours in advance by visiting My Dashboard. Please email [email protected] to request reschedule COUPON or 100% refund. The refund is completed in 2 working days.

If you do not cancel a session 24 hour prior appointment time, you should aim to attend the meeting and no refund will be issued.

If you join a session more than 10 minutes late, the session will be considered a “No show”. No refund is issued.

If your coach does not show up for the session or is more than 10 minutes late, email at [email protected] and you will receive 100% of your money back in 2 working days.

Make sure that you provide rating for your coaching session. You can find Rate coach link in post  appointment completion email. If you have not received your feedback even after rating your coach and its been more than 24 hours, email us at [email protected]

Send us an email at [email protected] OR use Chat with us button on the bottom right of the website.

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